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The Patriot
Kacey Wong

Are you not happy about where your country is heading and you want to do something about it? You are angry, mad, and totally frustrated? Perhaps you need a revolution? This score is for you.
1 Go to your local government house dressing up like an intellectual.
2 Bring a musical instrument of your choice (if it is not loud enough also bring an amplifier) and perform first your local National Anthem then immediately followed by the song Do You Hear the People Sing?
3 Construct some kind of Prison-like barricade between you and the viewer as if you are a prisoner, bring a chair also so you can sit inside the ‘prison’ you constructed for a long duration.
4 Continue to play with a sad and serious face, try not to talk to the viewers as if your mouth is covered, only communicate through your music.
5 Secretly observe the facial expression of each viewer who notice you.
6 You will feel better after the performance.



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