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A word is explained
Jumzang Dai

1 The facilitator explains the purpose of this workshop:
“This activity helps to understand how each human individual conceives.”

2 The facilitator gives a piece of paper to each participant.
Each participant writes down a word that is difficult for her/him to explain.

3 Word Mapping: Collect the words and group them under parent words.
(Look for similar words or words that relate to each other, in order to put them under a parent word.)

4 Now the group is going to vote ONLY one parent word they would like to go on and work with or which seems to be the most difficult word to be explained for all of them.

5 Each participant is given a A3 size or A2 size paper.
The paper has two parts; 3/4 part of paper is to draw, and 1/4 part of paper is to write.
Each participant visualizes the chosen word. It can be an illustration or just a sketch or some colourings, or any visual format on it.
Then the participant explains the word in ONE sentence.

6 The facilitator collects the posters and exhibits them on a wall.

7 Group Discussion


Someone has to be the facilitator to the group.
Duration: between 1 hour up to 3 hours (depending on the quantity of participants)

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