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ME, ME, ME. (ego trip)
David Lemoine

People prosternate before you, repeating your name like a mantra.
You are standing there, in the light, a fancy cape on your shoulders.

Depending on how boring you believe the crowd will be and on how high your expectations are you may want to implement a few of these :
– make it collective. not only you will be God. take turns.

– smoothly slide in action.
step 1 : You : “Hi, I’m {first and last name}.”
All : “Hi, {first and last name}”.
Continue like this for the whole group to introduce.
step 2 : First one goes to the middle.
Reminds his name.
All bow, face to the ground
All mantra his name for a minute, and stop somehow
Continue like this for the whole group to shine

– humour should be flying around before you start

– keep it short, disperse rapidly

Possible upgrades :
– good scheduling, ideally after a drink or two
– dark room with carpets
– lamp in the middle
– smoke machine
– shiny cape
– dolphin music or musician

This score calls for no discussion, no reflection.


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