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Pongpan Suriyapat, St. Gallen, 04.04.2019
Pongpan Suriyapat, St. Gallen, 04.04.2019

Pick Pick
Pongpan Suriyapat

Explore your neighborhood with a group of friends.
Collect any objects that don’t belong
to the place in a zip-lock bag.
Discuss objects you’ve found with your friends.

Be more curious… spend more time around your neighborhood, with this you might be noticing something different from what you perceived in the past days. Group up with several of your friends, split around the area and look carefully. Pick up any objects that you feel not belong to the context of the area, try to collect as much as you can. Afterward, regroup with your friends, share the object you’ve found and discussed them. You can also take a picture of the found objects with the area to see the contrast between
the two.

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