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Give (Stop) + Take
Gozde Filinta, Camille Regli

Organize a two-day public event to practice the notions of ‘giving’ and ‘taking’ in its most essential form through the share of memories.

The first day is the ‘Giving Day’ where participants are asked to bring one object/piece of clothing of their choice to the space and give it without taking anything back. This process of “giving without taking in return” intends to allows the participant to focus on giving without expectations. After giving the object, the participant are asked to write on a card, either a memory related to that object or a compliment – as if the object is a living being.

Wrap up the given objects, so that nobody sees whats inside,  only their cards will be visible aside the objects.

The second day is ‘Taking Day’ where participants are asked to pick their favorite written memory (that has an associated object/piece of clothing). This involves the participants to choose one object not by its looks but by its memory or compliment – i.e. the given objects are hidden, so only the cards are visible. Everyone is welcome to take their new object home.

The proposed score aims to research and revisit the notions of ‘giving’ and ‘taking’. The participating audience experience the act of giving and taking in different steps and take part in an unusual process of sharing. The project wants to open the discussion on today’s overconsumption and its damaging outputs both in our personal lives and in the world. Whilst rethinking our relations to objects and the way we acquire or dispose them, the idea of transaction and consumerism is at the core of the gathering. The project also aims to form a genuine community by means of exchanging personal objects and memories but also a moment through intimacy.



Gozde Filinta, Camille Regli
Oncurating Space, Zurich

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