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San Keller

The 7th of June is from 2019 and as long as there are headphones the HEADSETLESS DAY. It’s very simple, everything else we do with headphones, we make that day without headphones. Listening to music, watching movies, talking on the phone, everything without headphones, at home, in the bus, on the street, in coffee, at work, no matter, everywhere and as loud as possible, so that we can also hear what others are listening to and unexpected connections arise! Nobody needs to prepare for the day, just leave the headphones at home and do everything as usual. And SAY IT LOUD to all with headphones, that today is the HEADSETLESS DAY!

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Zurich and surroundings

SCHWAMENDINGEN at home on the way in Zürich / Rote Fabrik Openings in Zürich Gasträume and later Fotomuseum Winterthur and late late BOCKLER BAR in Schwamendingen