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Meet your Neighbours
Tilman Kugler

In order to get to know some of your neighbours, and also so that they get to know you, sit on the street for a day with a camping table and two or three chairs. For example at the bus stop.

If you still want to live well in your district as an old, i.e. less mobile, person, it is good if you are well acquainted with many who live nearby. Take a pot of coffee, a few packets of biscuits and a box of sparkling mineral water with you. Maybe also a puzzle, or some playing cards. It is best if you are there from morning, maybe 6:30 am, until evening, maybe 19:00 pm. If you are not alone, it is easier. Then you can take turns – and talk to each other, too.

Look what happens when you’re there: Who appeals to you? Who do you get in touch with? When is the topic still busy? What aspects come up? What generation-specific and which generation-spanning aspects become clear?

Exchange names and addresses.
Think about what you could initiate next in your quarter, where a meeting place for older people – or a generation-spanning meeting place – could emerge, or …

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