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2nd Workshop

The two-day workshop from 18 to 19 January 2019 started with presentations by Bill Dietz, Jeanne van Heeswijk, and Felipe Castelblanco and a Diversity Dinner organized by Anastasia Chaguidouline with help by Domenico Roberti, Eveline Mathis, Bea Fontana, Francesca Ceccherini, Ronny Koren und Pongpan Suriyapat. On the second day we organized in groups to work and research on the topic of community, on scores, its realizations and distribution.

Diversity Dinner – Fusion and Transcultural Movements in Food
Diversity Dinner is a format that focuses on communally sharing a dinner, while discussing the politics of food in the most diverse sense of the term. Core ideas are the open discussion of the complex his- / her-stories underlying cuisines, recipes and ingredients. The gift-giving practice of cooking for others, as well as cooking inclusively (vegan and gluten-free), with a focus on seasonal and regional ingredients is at the core of the dinner. The dishes prepared are involved, telling the story rather than just accompanying the discourse. The topics of diversity, inclusiveness, (in)equality are omnipresent in the world of food and cooking, from religion, gender, accessibility to caring and visibility.