On and Off
Johanna Bruckner

Practice these following exercises daily:

«Put your shoulders up and down, up and down –

like on and off; on and off.

Do that a couple of times!

Then, roll your shoulders, gently at first. Then, depending on how much you suffer, you can vary the speed; then in the other direction, and then in a disjointed way. It goes very well with music, like funk music. Then the other direction again; you should do this ten or twelve times.

The point is to really warm up the upper part of your back, the spine and mostly the shoulder blades. Now, when they are warm, you can turn your head all the way to the left, and then all the way to the right.

And all that is left is  to bring your back forward and back, forward and back.»

Begin anew and vary the movements and rhythms according your desire.

Practice in groups!

To be repeated anywhere, anytime.

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