The project suggests a direct and concrete contact through the means of the contemporary art practice of so-called Scores. Scores are known in music as basically a written notation for the interpreter to perform or realize a music piece (sometimes with help of graphical elements, e.g. Cornelius Cardew). Fluxus artists like George Brecht created something they called event scores. An event score can be described as a notation (poetry or instruction) to perform/realize/enact any activity. Our vision builds on that.

We see this project therefore as an activation of political awareness on many levels. To enact a score is for us a political form of thinking, one that is not related to representational power, but one of activation and reflection. It thrives to create empathy, cultural exchange and relations. Change is one thought away. Scores might help envision change.
The scores you will find on this website can range in their scope: some might evoke thoughts, others ask for performative, literary, musical and artistic action, some  give instructions on exercises and group activities, and the boldest come up with collaborative projects on a bigger scale.
The first scores displayed on this website were developed in the initial series of workshops over the course from November 2018 until March 2019 in Stuttgart and Zurich.

We encourage everyone to realize these scores. You can easily upload your realizations directly through the website. For that you can go to the Scores section, pick a score you want to realize and use the upload function at the bottom of each score.
The Small Project for Coming Communities also intent to travel. We might use different scores for exhibitions and workshops and like to expand the pool of scores on our travel as we make new acquaintances and find other perspectives.